ANAT OMY & PH Y SIOL OGY ANAT OMY & PH Y SIOL OGY The content, the workload, and the requirements are all demanding. Yet, it’s more than that. Many of your students have career goals that don’t allow them to sidestep anatomy and physiology. They’ve got to make the grade before they can move on. That’s why A&P is a high-stakes class for them . . . and for you. In this catalog, you’ll discover a curated selection of high-quality lab products. Carolina materials are designed to deliver consistent lab results and take the complexity out of planning and setup, so you can focus on helping your students understand the concepts they need to win in A&P. Browse our complete line of A&P products at We have products specific to each body system as well as products that focus on the whole body. And if you need additional information about any of our products or the ordering process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re just a call and click away at 800.334.5551 or Our team of technical experts can help you optimize the teaching and learning experience. "It really comes down to the fabulous customer service at Carolina that makes us return to them time and again. I always feel like I can reach out, not just to our rep for information and suggestions, but really everyone is so professional and expedient in their responses! Carolina stands behind their products, and if we have any issues, they help address them immediately. They have helped our rapidly expanding A&P program with supplies and models that were very needed in an economical way. I highly recommend working with Carolina Biological.” Heidi, Professor of Instruction and Laboratory Coordinator, University of Tampa CONTENTS Whole Body 2 Integumentary System 8 Skeletal System 10 Muscular System 16 Nervous System 20 Senses 26 Endocrine System 32 Cardiovascular System and Blood 34 Lymphatic System 40 Respiratory System 42 Digestive System 46 Urinary System 50 Reproductive System 54
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