Carolina Exclusive • Wisconsin Fast Plants 99 100% satisfaction guaranteed Living Organisms valuable teacher resources: Discovery Lens Kit Allow your students to explore with their own unique hand lens called the Discovery Lens. This small tube contains a lens that magnifies seeds, organisms, or any other small samples that students want to examine more closely. The tube includes a handy elastic string, allowing students to wear the lens around the neck for safekeeping, and comes with a lid so students don’t lose their “sample.” Portable for the field but convenient to use in the classroom, too! Kit contains enough materials to construct 10 Discovery Lenses. 158708 Per kit $59.00 Wisconsin Fast Plants® Trial-Sized Get Acquainted Kit Grade K–College. Get acquainted with our unique Wisconsin Fast Plants® teaching system with this economical, trial-sized kit. The kit provides you the opportunity of observing the life cycle yourself, before introducing your students to Fast Plants® materials. Shortly after planting a quad (a 4-cell unit) of seed, you’ll see the seedlings emerge and begin to develop. Then, after pollinating the flowers, you’ll watch as the seed pods form. Our Get Acquainted Kit contains everything you need: seed, soil, fertilizer, wicks, miniature watering system, pollination supplies, stakes, labels, plus our complete Growing Instructions booklet. Please keep in mind that proper lighting is essential for success with Wisconsin Fast Plants®. We recommend our item #666900 Individual Plant Light or a similar light source. 158690 Per kit $14.40 Teach with Greater Ease Many Wisconsin Fast Plants® kits include a teacher’s manual and student guide, which simplifies lesson preparation and class instruction with the following features: • An easy-to-read layout and helpful organization • Clearly defined student learning objectives and reproducible student guide • Stated time requirements and materials lists • A section on the standards addressed by the activities These features, when combined with activity overviews, step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, helpful tips, explanations of concepts, and additional extension activities, make the teacher’s manual and student guide your key to using the kit with confidence. Science Fair & Independent Study Kits Wisconsin Fast Plants® Independent Research Kit Want to plan an experiment with Fast Plants® but not sure where to start? This handy materials kit provides seeds and all the materials needed to set up 4 separate deli-container watering stations. You determine the experiment and the parameters you would like to test. There are enough materials to conduct 2 complete growth cycles (ensuring 8 separate trials, 4 at a time). This kit uses seed disks instead of individual seeds, saving time and ensuring that plants are spaced properly for growing requirements. Never worked with Fast Plants®? Don’t worry; planting instructions are included to help you be successful. With this kit, you can observe the complete Fast Plants® life cycle in 35 to 40 days. Note: The minimum light requirement for each watering station is 24-hr, cool, white fluorescent light placed within several centimeters of the plants’ growing tips. 158691 Per kit $40.10 Shed some light on your Wisconsin Fast Plants® investigations—see our lighting solutions on page 108.
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