Media & Supplies 95 100% satisfaction guaranteed Living Organisms valuable teacher resources: Carolina® Infrared Bacteria Sterilizer Sterilize instruments in just 5 to 7 seconds—without an open flame and the risk of infectious splatter and contamination. The Carolina® Infrared Bacteria Sterilizer uses an asbestos-free ceramic core heater element to provide 1,500° F (815° C) of infrared heat. It sterilizes platinum loops, needles, glass tubes, pipet mouths, and many other instruments. Compact and convenient, the Carolina® Infrared Bacteria Sterilizer is a great choice for use in anaerobic and aerobic chambers. Its heater element is replaceable and safely enclosed to protect users from accidental contact. A handy “standby” temperature setting extends the element’s usable life. Optional accessories include a Loop Holder Attachment that keeps loop handles from overheating and melting during sterilization, and a Slide Dryer Attachment for drying up to 3 slides quickly and safely. A Replacement Heater Element, 115 V, is also available. 703400 Sterilizer Each $378.70 703401 Loop Holder Attachment Each $64.90 703402 Slide Dryer Attachment Each $129.80 703419 Replacement Heater Element, 115 V Each $153.30 703413 Glass Spreader Glass Spreader Designed for smooth-surface inoculation of media plates. Constructed of 5-mm-diam glass rod with polished ends. Spreader has a 130-mm handle and a 50-mm spreader segment with a 90° bend. 703413 Each $7.30 703414 Lazy-L-Spreaders Lazy-L-Spreaders™ Designed to simplify and quicken bacterial culture work to reduce risk of contamination. Ideal for all types of microbiology research; especially useful in the distribution of dilutions for colony counting. A presterilized disposable item that does not require flaming, autoclaving, or lost time waiting for an instrument to cool down. Packaged in sterile pouches of 10; package contains 50 pouches. 703414 Per pkg $80.60 703412 Bacti-Spreader Bacti-Spreader Bobbitt Laboratories. Stainless-steel rod bent to facilitate spreading bacterial dispersions evenly over an agar plate. 703412 Each $7.95 Sterilize loops, needles, and culture tube mouths quickly and easily. 703401 Loop Holder Attachment 703402 Slide Dryer Attachment Counters & Readers 703448 eCount Colony Counter eCount™ Colony Counter Never miss or double-count colonies again with an easy-to-use handheld colony counter that combines an electronic counter with a Sharpie® pen. The pensized instrument automatically beeps or flashes and leaves a mark every time the felt pen tip contacts the culture dish. Enjoy the touch controls for multiple counts, sums, counting up or down, and more! Balanced for easy manipulation, this ergonomic counter accepts both fine and extra-fine point Sharpie® pens. Easily change pens and use different colors for separate colony counts. Counter includes a fine-point Sharpie® pen and weighted stand. 703448 eCount Colony Counter Each $389.50 703449 Replacement Pen Pack of 12 $38.30 PetriStickers™ Offers an alternative to expensive colony counters for doing short-term work. Allows petri dishes to be individually labeled in grids or sectors. Made with waterresistant ink, substrate, and adhesives, and remains firmly attached at temperatures from 4 to 42° C. 36 stickers per pack. 32-square grid (3" diam). 703442 Per pack $51.20 HPC Total Count Sampler Perform routine microbiological analysis of liquids and surfaces for levels of bacteria, yeast, or mold with this easy-to-use sampler. Just add a small sample of liquid to the presterilized sampler or wipe a surface with the swab, and then incubate, identify, and count colonies. The sampler is stored at room temperature and eliminates the need to pour and streak plates—saving you time and money! With instructions. Note: For best results, please use within 12 months of receipt. 199851 Each $11.85 199851 HPC Total Count Sampler 703442 PetriStickers (petri dishes not included) Visit to view additional counters.
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