Media & Supplies 93 100% satisfaction guaranteed Living Organisms valuable teacher resources: Specimen Collection/Transport 831911 Calgiswabs, Plastic Shaft Calgiswab® Sterile. Note: Swab is tipped with calcium alginate, which behaves similarly to cotton. It has no adverse effects on the bacterial transfer and is biodegradable in the human system. 831911 Plastic Shaft (individually wrapped) Box of 100 $32.95 831920 Wooden Shaft (individually wrapped) Box of 100 $53.40 Sterilization Equipment 831610 BBL CultureSwab Plus BBL® CultureSwab™ Plus This is the ultimate agar gel swab for transport of aerobic or anaerobic organisms. It has a patented hourglass tube design, a 5-mL gel column, and features amies gel without charcoal. Single swab. Sterile packaged. 831610 Pack of 50 $108.15 831940 Sterile Specimen Cup Sterile Specimen Cup Each 4.5-oz polypropylene cup comes with a polyethylene cap. Shatterproof, leakproof, and odor resistant. Graduation on molded exterior. Sterile; packaged individually. 831940 Each $1.80 100+ Each CALL Biohazard Waste Containers For convenient disposal of biological and biohazardous lab waste. Containers are reusable and can be autoclaved with autoclave bag in place. Leakproof sides and bottom comply with US OSHA Standard 29 CFR Part 1910.1030 for use as protection against bloodborne pathogens. One-handed cover operation limits exposure to infectious materials. Spacesaving design for use on the lab bench or in the fume hood. Will not rust, dent, or puncture. Wide base limits risk of container tipping over. Supplied with a safe-handling procedures insert from the manufacturer. Autoclave bags must be purchased separately. 831660 11/2-gal (5.5-L) Capacity Each $162.25 831665 5-gal (19-L) Capacity Each $228.30 831665 Biohazard Waste Container, 5-gal (19-L) Capacity 831642 Clavies Autoclavable Bags, 24 × 30" Sterile Tubes Borosilicate glass tubes with black phenolic rubber-lined caps. Presterilized for adding sterile culture media or for use as samplecollecting vessels. Can be autoclaved if needed. Size, 16 × 125 mm. Sold in packs of 10. 808940 Per pack $27.10 831922 Sterile-Collection Swab with Tip Protector Sterile-Collection Swab with Tip Protector This convenient, sterile, cotton-tipped swab includes an aerated tip protector. Perfect for applications where samples need to be protected until deposited, such as cheek cell collecting and environmental sampling. The reclosable, ventilated cap protects samples during transport and allows them to air-dry if needed. Swabs have a 6" wooden shaft and are sterile within their own envelopes unless opened. Pack of 50 individually wrapped swabs. 831922 Per pack $48.45 Clavies® Autoclavable Bags Bel-Art®. For maximum protection and convenience when disposing of biological and biohazardous lab waste. Transparent autoclave bags are made of 0.05-mm-thick (0.002") polypropylene. Steam-autoclavable at 121° C (250° F). Can be used with Biohazard Waste Containers (item #831660 and item #831665). 831640 10 × 15" Case of 100 $107.85 831642 24 × 30" Case of 100 $225.90 Germicidal Lamp 703462 Desk Lamp Desk Lamp Equipped with an 8" flexible gooseneck arm, weighted base, and 6-ft, 2-wire cord. Uses two 15-W fluorescent bulbs. Can be used with item #703470 Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulb. 110-V (for domestic use). Note: Ultraviolet light bulbs NOT included with desk lamp. 703462 Each $287.85 Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulb 15 W. Overall length, 18". Fits item #703462 Desk Lamp. 703470 Each $68.55 808940 16 × 125-mm Sterile Tubes
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