92 Media & Supplies carolina.com Living Organisms ph: 800.334.5551 fax: 800.222.7112 Items from 805748 Kirby-Bauer Turbidity Standards Set Kirby-Bauer Turbidity Standards Set Includes the Wickerham Card (item #805746) and a McFarland standard 0.5. Together they facilitate the preparation of bacterial and yeast suspensions for disk diffusion and other tests that require a specified McFarland turbidity. 805748 Per set $45.95 Cell Culture Supplies 727030 Tissue Culture Flasks Tissue Culture Flask Sterile. A flask with a 25-cm2 area designed for the growth of monolayers. Manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene and treated for optimal cell attachment. Features an anti-tip skirt for increased stability and printed lot numbers for ease of traceability. Sterilized by gamma radiation and certified non-pyrogenic. Has a canted neck and a phenolic-style cap. 727030 Pack of 20 $46.15 801340 GasPak 100 Anaerobic System Anaerobic System 703418 Dual-Chamber Plastic Cellometer BBL® Staphyloslide™ Latex Test Kit Use this kit to perform latex slide agglutination tests for the differentiation of staphylococci that possess clumping factor and/or Protein A, which is usually present with Staphylococcus aureus, from other staphylococci that lack these factors. Kit contains materials for 100 tests. 801044 Per kit $202.30 Dual-Chamber Plastic Cellometer® This disposable cell-counting chamber features an improved Neubauer counting grid mounted onto a 1 × 3" (25 × 75-mm) plastic slide. The dual counting chamber includes a sample introduction port, counting grid, and air evacuation port. Counting duplicate samples or control/unknown samples is possible on the same slide. No coverslip is required, avoiding counting errors. 703418 Each $10.20 Wickerham Card The Wickerham Card is 2 × 3" plastic laminated card with thick black and white lines to facilitate the preparation of bacterial and yeast suspensions when comparing the turbidity to a McFarland standard. A handy visual aid to be used for the preparation of inoculums for disk diffusion and other tests that require a specified McFarland turbidity. McFarland Standard is 8 mL. 805746 Wickerham Card Each $26.15 805747 McFarland Standard Each $24.70 Create an anaerobic atmosphere with this easy-to-use system. Don’t forget your anaerobe sachet! Perform agglutination tests more quickly and easily. GasPak™ 100 Anaerobic System BBL®. This reusable system produces an anaerobic atmosphere suitable for supporting the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria. Holds up to 12 petri dishes. Includes petri dish rack and tube holder. Requires 1 Anaerobe Sachet with indicator (item #801420) per use. Envelopes and sachets needed but not supplied. Note: Sold only to schools and businesses. 801340 Per system $951.95 Anaerobe System Sachets For use with GasPak™ 100 Anaerobic System (item #801340). These sachets create an anaerobic atmosphere within 21/2 hours and greater than 16% CO2 within 24 hours to grow microorganisms. They are easy to handle, and no water or catalyst is needed—just add the sachet in a jar. With oxygen indicator. Pack of 20 sachets. 801420 Per pack $126.20 801420 Anaerobe System Sachets
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