Media & Supplies 91 100% satisfaction guaranteed Living Organisms valuable teacher resources: Detection & Differentiation 801024 EnteroPluri Antibiotic Disk Mini Set Get this affordable set of 5 different high-concentration antibiotics: ampicillin, chloramphenicol, penicillin, streptomycin, and tetracycline. Set includes 1 magazine of 50 disks of each agent, a FREE antibiotic dispenser, and a reclosable cap for storage. Each magazine includes expiration date to ensure quality and viability. Disks are 1/4" in diameter. 806499 Per set $59.00 Blank, Sterile Antibiotic Sensitivity Disks Vial of sterile blank disks that can be used as a control for your antibiotic sensitivity studies. Disks are 1/4" in diameter. 806491 Vial of 250 $48.80 806490 Antibiotic Disk Antibiotic Disk Dispenser Dispenser This handy plastic dispenser, used for individual disk magazines, makes the placement of antibiotic disks on plates quicker and easier. 806490 Each $18.15 10+ Each $16.35 EnteroPluri The EnteroPluri offers a convenient and accurate solution to rapid identification of members of the Enterobacteriaceae and other Gram-negative, oxidase-negative bacteria. The EnteroPluri is a self-contained sterile plastic tube with 12 compartments containing distinct media that permit different biochemical tests to be performed. The EnteroPluri has its own inoculating wire that allows simultaneous inoculation and completion of 15 standard biochemical tests. The microorganism can be identified by evaluating the color change of the different culture media after 18–24 hr of incubation at 36° C ±1° and by a code number obtained from biochemical reaction interpretation. The combination of positive and negative reactions permits the user to identify bacteria by using the EnteroPluri Code Book. Contains 25 individual EnteroPluri tubes. 801024 EnteroPluri Container of 25 $639.45 801026 EnteroPluri Code Book Each $31.10 Economy Antibiotic Disks Pick any of these antibiotic magazines to test antibiotic sensitivity. Each disposable magazine contains 50 disks of 1 agent as well as a reclosable cap for storage. Magazine includes expiration date to ensure quality and viability. Disks are 1/4" in diameter. Complete 15 tests for identification simultaneously! Economy Antibiotic Disks Antibiotic Magazine Catalog No. Each 10+ Each Ampicillin, 10 mcg 806493 $12.45 $11.20 Chloramphenicol, 30 mcg 806494 $12.45 $11.20 Gentamicin, 10 mcg 806495 $12.45 $11.20 Penicillin, 10 units 806496 $12.45 $11.20 Streptomycin, 10 mcg 806497 $12.45 $11.20 Tetracycline, 30 mcg 806498 $12.45 $11.20 Erythromycin, 15 mcg 806500 $12.45 $11.20 Neomycin, 30 mcg 806502 $12.45 $11.20
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