82 Media & Supplies Living Organisms Media Stains & Reagents 821051 Large Gram Stain Set 892261 Basic Stain Set Basic Stain Set Ten common stains in solution; 25 mL of each stain. Alum Carmine Bismark Brown Crystal Violet Eosin Y Fast Green Hematoxylin Methyl Green Methylene Blue Neutral Red Safranin 892261 Per set $79.00 892305 Introductory Microbiology Stain Set 834510 Kinyoun Stain Kit Kinyoun Stain Kit Includes 250 mL each of carbol fuchsin Kinyoun, decolorizer, brilliant green, and complete instructions for acid-fast staining of mycobacteria by the Kinyoun method. 834510 Per kit $181.20 892281 Comprehensive Stain Set Comprehensive Stain Set Twenty common stains in solution; 25 mL of each stain. Aceto-Carmine Alum Carmine Bismark Brown Carbol Fuchsin Cochineal Congo Red Crystal Violet Eosin Y Erythrosin Fast Green Fuchsin Acid Fuchsin Basic Hematoxylin Methyl Green Methylene Blue Neutral Red Orange G Safranin Sudan IV Wright 892281 Per set $156.00 Introductory Microbiology Stain Set Staining materials and instructions for simple (methylene blue), Gram, acid-fast, capsule, and spore staining of bacteria; 25 mL of each stain. Acid Alcohol, 500 mL Hucker’s Ammonium Oxalate Copper Sulfate (20%) Crystal Violet Ethanol, 500 mL Loeffler Alkaline Methylene Blue Fuchsin Basic Safranin Counterstain Gram Iodine Ziehl Carbol Fuchsin (1%) 892305 Per set $62.00 Large Gram Stain Set Includes 500 mL each of crystal violet, Gram iodine, decolorizer (95% ethanol), and safranin counterstain for use in Gram differentiation of bacteria. 821051 Per set $79.75 821050 Gram Stain Kit Gram Stain Kit For in vitro diagnostics. Includes all chemicals needed for Gram differentiation of bacteria. Kit includes: 30 mL Crystal Violet Solution, Hucker’s 30 mL Safranin Counterstain 30 mL Gram Iodine 120 mL Ethanol, 95% (decolorizer) 821050 Per kit $33.00
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