New Products 8 New Products ph: 800.334.5551 fax: 800.222.7112 New! Wisconsin Fast Plants® Polycot Seeds Brassica rapa. Wisconsin Fast Plants® polycots sprout more than 2 cotyledon leaves. The trait is easy to identify and visible immediately after germination. A relatively rare trait in nature, this advanced research stock was developed to investigate the heritability of the easily observable seedling trait (3 or more cotyledons) in a population of Fast Plants®. The generation resulting from the Generation 1 Seeds will express approximately 30% polycots. Generation 2 Seeds were produced by selectively breeding the first-generation seeds that demonstrated the polycot trait to one another. The generation resulting from the Generation 2 Seeds will express approximately 45% polycots. Both seed types are primarily used for selection studies. 158845 Generation 1 Seeds Pack of 100 $20.95 158846 Generation 1 Seeds Pack of 200 $37.60 158847 Generation 2 Seeds Pack of 100 $20.95 158848 Generation 2 Seeds Pack of 200 $37.60 Cultures Equipment Carolina® Infrared Bacteria Sterilizer Sterilize instruments in just 5 to 7 seconds—without an open flame and the risk of infectious splatter and contamination. The Carolina® Infrared Bacteria Sterilizer uses an asbestos-free ceramic core heater element to provide 1,500° F (815° C) of infrared heat. It sterilizes platinum loops, needles, glass tubes, pipet mouths, and many other instruments. Compact and convenient, the sterilizer is a great choice for use in anaerobic and aerobic chambers. Its heater element is safely enclosed to protect users from accidental contact; a handy “standby” temperature setting extends the element’s usable life. Replace the Sterilizer heater element with Replacement Heater Element. The ergonomic Tilt Sterilizer improves efficiency and reduces fatigue. The Tilt Sterilizer XL (35-mm-diam chamber) sterilizes larger tube and flask mouths. Optional accessories for the Sterilizer and Tilt Sterilizer only: Loop Holder Attachment, which keeps loop handles from overheating and melting during sterilization; and Slide Dryer Attachment, for drying up to 3 slides quickly and safely. 703400 Sterilizer Each $378.70 703419 Replacement Heater Element, 115 V Each $153.30 New! 703403 Tilt Sterilizer Each $594.50 703401 Loop Holder Attachment Each $64.90 703402 Slide Dryer Attachment Each $129.80 New! 703399 Tilt Sterilizer XL Each $540.45 Living Organisms Investigate inheritance with an easily observable trait. 703399 Carolina Infrared Tilt Bacteria Sterilizer XL 703403 Carolina Infrared Tilt Bacteria Sterilizer
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