70 Protists Living Organisms ph: 800.334.5551 Protoslo® Quieting Solution This clear solution slows the movement of protozoa to keep them in focus and in the field of view, while preserving characteristic motion. In 15-mL dropper bottle. 885141 Per bottle $7.95 652223 Basic Set Laboratory Sifting Mesh For Quieting Protozoa Carolina® Deep-Well Slide The Deep-Well Slide is easy to use Students can easily make their own slides from specimens they find. Material placed in the viewing well of these specially constructed slides is easily viewed with compound microscopes, stereomicroscopes, overhead projectors, microvideo systems, and even 35mm slide projectors. 603730 Set of 20 Each $71.75 603730E Set of 5 Each $18.45 All you do is remove the cover. Add the specimen to be projected. Replace the cover. The slide is now ready to view. When using liquid specimens, overfill the well to eliminate trapped air bubbles. 1 2 3 Laboratory Sifting Mesh Designed for cleaning or separating organisms in an aquatic field collection. Sifters also have a wide range of other lab uses such as separating fern spores from ruptured sporangial cases. Made of durable monofilament nylon, each sifter is 30 cm (12") square. Basic Set includes 1 of each mesh size except 70-µm Mesh (item #652222N). 652222K 0.12-mm Mesh Each $43.55 652222F 0.5-mm Mesh Each $43.55 652222C 1.18-mm Mesh Each $43.55 652222R 37-µm Mesh Each $43.55 652222N 70-µm Mesh Each $43.55 652222M 95-µm Mesh Each $43.55 652223 Basic Set Each $225.55 131016 MicroAquarium MicroAquarium™ Use with a microscope, hand lens, or as a photographic chamber! This innovative chamber allows for maintaining and studying a great variety of small aquatic organisms for extended periods of time. Organisms can be viewed with a hand lens (not included). The ease and versatility of this chamber allows students of all ages and ability levels to observe behaviors of both protozoans and macroscopic animals. Size, 75 × 50 × 4 mm. With stand and instructions. 131016 Each $8.95 131017 Pack of 10 $84.15 fax: 800.222.7112 carolina.com Demoslides Are Back! Our popular Demoslide culture tube viewing system combination is now available with or without cultures. The convenient, easy-to-use culture tube is tapered with a compressed viewing chamber at its tip. Find more information on Carolina.com.
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