Protists 67 100% satisfaction guaranteed Living Organisms valuable teacher resources: Culture Media & Ingredients Attention! Use only springwater or filtered, unpolluted pond water for new organisms. Heat water to 150° F, then let cool to room temperature. (P.S. Don’t use city water! Too many minerals.) 132290 Culture Media Set Culture Media Set Includes 4 gal of Carolina® Springwater (item #132450), 12 tubes of Alga-Gro® Concentrated Medium (item #153751), and 1 oz each of hay, rice, and wheat seed. From these materials media can be prepared for culturing a wide variety of protozoa, other invertebrates, algae, and water molds. 132290 Per set $56.65 See page 1053 for our selection of culture dishes. Download our Protozoan Identification app for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® from the App StoreSM—search for “Carolina Biological Supply” We Do Special Requests Don’t see the culture medium you need? Carolina can create a special order medium in as little as 2 weeks. Call 800.334.5551 for a quote. Catalog No. Item Name and Description Qty Each 132315 Tetrahymena Medium A sterile medium in a screw-cap tube for culturing bacteria-free Tetrahymena. Unit of 10 tubes. Per unit $22.75 132320 Euglena Medium Concentrate One vial of concentrate for making 1 gal of medium. Per vial $5.45 132350 Liquid Protozoan Nutrient Concentrate An excellent medium for most ciliates, developed and used in our own labs. A unit contains 100-mL bottle of sterile concentrate, which makes 1 L of medium. Per bottle $14.25 132360 Protozoan Pellets For culturing paramecia and other protozoa. Add to distilled water or springwater. Unit of 25 pellets. Per unit $13.45 132376 Cereal Grass Medium Dehydrated cereal leaves used as culture medium for various protozoa. 500-g bottle. Per bottle $25.90 132385 Timothy Hay Used to prepare the classical hay infusion or for use with wheat seed as a medium for protozoa. 4-oz bag. Per bag $7.95 132425 Wheat Seed Wheat seed autoclaved to prevent germination (devitalized). Used in media for protozoa, turbellaria, and oligochaetes. 4-oz jar. Per jar $4.95 132450 Carolina® Springwater The water we use for making protozoan and algal media and for maintaining hydra, planaria, and aquaria. Does not contain lethal metal ions often present in tap water. 1-gal bottle. Per bottle $8.85 132458 Pasteurized Springwater Used to culture protozoa. 1-qt bottle. Per bottle $9.20
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