62 carolina.com Living Organisms ph: 800.334.5551 fax: 800.222.7112 Our company was founded on the development and shipment of protozoan cultures, and we continue to refine this process. We have a reputation for pure, high-quality cultures and few replacements. Product diversity is a priority. Helpful resources are another way we extend exemplary service. Go to Carolina.com and download the Carolina® Protozoa and Invertebrates Manual (type “protozoa and invertebrates” in the search field, then click the Resources tab), which provides complete care instructions. This tradition of innovation and excellence defines our efforts to help teachers— and students—succeed. Protozoans play a significant role in life science education. These single-cell organisms demonstrate all the essential life processes—feeding, digestion, growth, movement, and reproduction— normally associated with multicellular eukaryotic organisms such as animals. These microscopic organisms show students the basic properties of living matter. When ordering, make sure you order a sufficient quantity of each culture based on the number of students in your class or classes. For example, if you are ordering for a class of up to 30 students, order 1 culture; for 31 to 60 students, order 2 cultures; for 61 to 90 students, order 3 cultures; etc. Protozoa: The Key to Learning How It All Works • Quality: Products are pure and uncontaminated. • Service: We can ship most orders the day they are received. • Preparation: Cultures arrive ready to use. • Care: We supply complete care guides. Please give us the expected use date for your cultures and allow sufficient time for proper handling. If no delivery date is given, our department will contact you to obtain a delivery date. Download our Protozoan Identification App for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® • Topical content—On identification and anatomy of selected protozoans • Innovative practice tool—Interactive practice sections for initial learning and reinforcement • Quality review tool—Stunning Carolina images, videos, study sheets, and a game to reinforce concepts • Affordable—Lite version is FREE Available from the App StoreSM—Search for “Carolina Biological Supply” We GUARANTEE safe arrival of all living materials Protists Protozoa Cultures
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