Protists 59 Living Organisms Protozoa Review Sets 131101 Feed Your Amoeba Feed Your Amoeba All ages can enjoy watching Amoeba use pseudopodia to slowly creep toward its food source, Chilomonas. Students will be intrigued to see how the pseudopodia can bulge from virtually anywhere to consume the fast-swimming flagellate. Set includes living Amoeba and Chilomonas cultures. With instructions. 131101 Per set $18.95 131102 Feed Your Stentor Feed Your Stentor Easily observed by all ages, the blue ciliate, Stentor, is exciting to watch when Chilomonas is added as a food source. Observe as Stentor’s adoral zone creates a vortex to pull food particles into its cytostome. Set includes living Stentor and Chilomonas cultures. With instructions. 131102 Per set $18.95 131092 As the Colony Turns Set As the Colony Turns Set For a class of 30. Set contains one culture of Volvox, a pad of 30 Bioreview® Sheets, and a tube of Alga-Gro® Concentrate. An excellent set for studying the Volvox life cycle while also observing the plant- and animallike characteristics of this protist under a microscope. With instructions. 131092 Per set $24.95 Carolina® Protozoa Slide Sets Each Carolina® Protozoa Slide Set includes a living protozoan culture and a prepared microscope slide (w.m.) of the same protozoan. The living culture is enough for 30 students. Each set also includes 30 plastic concavity (culture) slides, 100 unbreakable plastic coverslips, and a disposable plastic pipet. Some sets include Protoslo®, a clear liquid for slowing motile protozoa. Feed Your Protozoa One simple and exciting activity associated with protozoa observation is actually feeding protozoa. The slow-moving Amoeba and the blue ciliate Stentor, when fed Chilomonas, provide hours of enjoyment and education. Amoeba, Paramecium, and Euglena Review Set For a class of 30. A separate culture of Amoeba, Paramecium, and Euglena and a pad of 30 Bioreview® Sheets for each. 131085 Per set $51.20 130803 Carolina Protozoa Amoeba Slide Set Customer Review “The protists were all healthy on arrival. Amoeba were a bit hard for my 7th graders to catch with a pipette, but using the Carolina slideshow about careful pipetting and locating amoeba in the sample helped alot. My kids loved watching all 3 types move about . . .” Middle School Biology Teacher Catalog No. Set Name Description Set Includes Each 130803 Amoeba Set Our most popular protozoan culture; great for demonstrating amoebae structure and locomotion Live culture (item #131306) Prepared slide (item #295384) $38.85 130824 Euglena Set Phytoflagellate that possesses chlorophyll and exhibits autotrophic nutrition; set includes Protoslo® Live culture (item #131768) Prepared slide (item #295666) Protoslo® (item #885141) $38.85 130827 Mixed Protozoan Set Single culture containing Amoeba, Paramecium, Chilomonas, Euglena, Stentor, and Volvox Live culture (item #131934) Prepared slide (item #295276) $38.85 100% satisfaction guaranteed valuable teacher resources:
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