58 Protists carolina.com Living Organisms ph: 800.334.5551 fax: 800.222.7112 Brown Planaria General Invertebrate Set Tiny aquatic wonders • Recommended for comparative studies • Includes representatives from a variety of invertebrate phyla • Perfect for dichotomous key exercises These 8 individually labeled cultures represent invertebrates commonly used in high school and college biology courses. Aeolosoma Daphnia Amoeba Paramecium Brown Hydra Rotifers Brown Planaria Vinegar Eel 132575 Per set $67.30 130900 Basic Microorganisms Set 131020 Protozoa Set Protozoa Set Includes the following 15 individually labeled cultures. Actinosphaerium Euglena Amoeba Euplotes Arcella Paramecium Blepharisma Spirostomum Chlamydomonas Stentor Didinium Volvox Dileptus Vorticella Eudorina 131020 Per set $125.95 131001 Protozoa Pigmentation Set Protozoa Pigmentation Set Includes 3 protozoa, each exhibiting vivid color variations because of pigmentation differences. One culture each of Blepharisma (rose), Euglena (green), and Stentor (blue). 131001 Per set $27.25 Euglena Volvox View distinct colors with these protozoa Teacher’s Choice More Information Available Online Carolina Exclusive Protozoa Classification Set Includes 9 individual cultures representing the 3 main classes of protozoa. Sarcodines: Flagellates: Ciliates: Amoeba Euglena Blepharisma Arcella Pandorina Paramecium bursaria Actinosphaerium Peranema Euplotes 131055 Per set $75.55 Basic Microorganisms Set A selection of living microorganisms representing algae, protozoa, bacteria, and fungi. Set includes 16 organisms, in appropriate containers. Amoeba proteus Bacillus subtilis Chlamydomonas Coprinus cinereus Euglena Micrococcus luteus Oedogonium Oscillatoria Paramecium Penicillium notatum Rhizopus stolonifer Rhodospirillum rubrum Saccharomyces cerevisiae Saprolegnia Spirogyra Volvox 130900 Per set $196.65
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