Protists 57 100% satisfaction guaranteed Living Organisms valuable teacher resources: Protozoa Protozoa Sets 131050 Flagellate Set 131040 Ciliate Set 131030 Sarcodina Set 131025 Easy-View Protozoa Set Easy-View Protozoa Set The 5 organisms in this set are specially selected for easy viewing under older, low-resolution microscopes. Chaos (Pelomyxa) is stained with Vitachrome®; other cultures are not stained. Blepharisma Spirostomum Stentor coeruleus Vitachrome® Chaos (Pelomyxa) Volvox globator 131025 Per set $41.95 131000 Basic Protozoa Set Basic Protozoa Set Includes Amoeba, Euglena, and Paramecium in 3 separate cultures. 131000 Per set $26.15 Paramecium Comparative Study Set Help students identify anatomical differences useful in taxonomic classification. Set includes P. multimicronucleatum, P. aurelia, and P. bursaria in 3 separate cultures. 131060 Per set $25.85 Preying Protozoa Set Our choice of 2 forms (Bursaria, Didinium, or Chaos) that prey on Paramecium. Individually labeled cultures contain sufficient food organisms for students to observe the capture and ingestion process. For additional food, order a culture of Paramecium (item #131540). 131004 Per set $17.30 Ciliate Set Includes 7 individually labeled cultures of our choice selected from the following listing. Blepharisma Colpidium Didinium Dileptus Euplotes Paramecium aurelia P. bursaria P. caudatum P. multimicronucleatum Spirostomum Stentor Vorticella 131040 Per set $59.55 Flagellate Set Includes 5 individually labeled cultures of our choice selected from the following listing. Chilomonas Euglena Peranema Chlamydomonas Gonium Volvox Eudorina Pandorina 131050 Per set $42.70 Sarcodina Set Includes 4 individually labeled cultures (our choice) selected from the following listing. Actinosphaerium Amoeba Arcella Difflugia Chaos (Pelomyxa) 131030 Per set $33.35 Living Organisms When You Need Them Carolina typically ships live materials on Mondays–Wednesdays and uses the most economical shipping methods to ensure proper delivery. However, to meet your needs we can ship on any weekday and, when requested, use a premium shipping method (some of which are not available to all locations). Customer Review “Use this every year to study protists, cell structure, and diversity. Populations are good in quality and quantity.” High School Biology Teacher Protozoa Survey Set Consists of 6 individually labeled cultures. Amoeba Paramecium Stentor Euglena Spirostomum Volvox 131008 Per set $49.70 131060 Paramecium Comparative Study Set
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