Altay® Human Ovary About 5× life size. An ovary with removable fallopian tubule shows vascular and suspensory structures. The ovary is sectioned to show follicles at various stages of maturation, from the primary ovarian follicle to the corpus luteum and corpus albicans. A primary follicle is cross-sectioned to reveal details of the oocyte and zona pellucida. Mounted on a durable polymer base. Includes numbered key. Size, 33 × 23 × 21 cm. 566934A Each $131.80 Altay® Female Pelvis with Embryo Life size. Dissectible into 3 parts. Model gives an internal view through the median sagittal section of the pelvis. It shows the internal organs of the female urinary and reproductive systems with an 8-week embryo in utero. On base. Size, 25 × 18 × 27 cm. 566756 Each $294.20 Altay® Spermatogenesis Enlarged about 10,000×. Shows the process of spermatogenesis from spermatid to the mature spermatozoon. With key. Mounted on a durable polymer base. Size, 53 × 38 × 5 cm. 563118 Each $213.20 Altay® Human Male Reproductive System Set This set of 4 plaque-mounted models illustrates the interior anatomy of the male reproductive tract. The urinary bladder, prostate gland, and penis are sectioned longitudinally to reveal the internal features. The testis is shown in 3 perspectives: in situ within a life-sized scrotum; as a life-sized longitudinal dissection; and as a 2× life-sized dissection with the epididymis, seminiferous tubules, tunica albuginea, and other significant structures. With key. Size (each), 50 × 26 × 8 cm. 566941 Each $199.90
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