Altay® Deluxe Human Male and Female Torso Life size, 27-part torso features open back with musculature, vertebral column, paravertebral nerve branches, and removable vertebra with section of spinal cord. Additional features include interchangeable male and female urogenital inserts (4 parts each); partial dissection of head showing anatomy of buccal cavity, including vasculature, muscles, glands, and osseous structures; and half of brain is removable, revealing excellent view of internal structure. Size (without base), 90 × 23 × 26 cm. 566619B Each $1,040.40 Models 3B® Human Sexless Torso Life size. Nineteen parts are removable from the basic torso. The head is detachable. A full dissection of the spinal cord shows the spinal nerves and their relationship to the vertebrae as well as portions of the sympathetic trunk. The 7th thoracic vertebra is removable. The rib cage with the frontal portion of each lung (2 parts) and the heart (2 parts) are the dissectible portions of the thorax. The organs of the abdominal cavity are removable in 8 parts. Size, 38 × 25 × 87 cm. On base. 566612 Each $1,750.00 Carolina® Human Micro Sexless Torso Miniature torso features removable organs and exposed musculature on the right side of the body. The right side of the brain and the bones of the face are also exposed. Lungs, heart, liver, stomach, and intestines are removeable for closer inspection. Comes with numbered, laminated key that identifies 27 anatomical features and 11 major muscles. On blue base. Size (with base), 101/4 × 5 × 31/4" (26 × 12.7 × 8.3 cm). 569500 Each $59.50 Altay® Human Dual Sex Miniature Torso About 1/2× life size. Similar to our Altay® Human Miniature Torso (item #566527) except this model includes interchangeable male and female reproductive organs (2 parts each). Comes with key and is mounted on a durable polymer base. Size, 20 × 15 × 45 cm. 566523 Each $281.90 5
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