48 Prokaryotes • Carolina Exclusive carolina.com Living Organisms ph: 800.334.5551 fax: 800.222.7112 Archaea Take Science to Extremes With Our Exclusive Model Microbe • Safe • Simple to use • Great for teaching biology, genetics, and lab skills Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 is what you’ve been waiting for! This colorful model microbe and member of Archaea, the 3rd domain of life, is ideal for classroom study. Nonpathogenic and easy to manipulate, Halobacterium grows in medium so salty that few other conventional microbes can survive it. The organism’s love of salt and its ability to survive extremes of desiccation, radiation, and oxygen stress have long made it a fascinating subject of study. We offer a wide range of kits that contain everything you need to use Halobacterium in your classroom. Our kits were developed in conjunction with Dr. Shil and Priya DasSarma of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, Center of Marine Biotechnology. We have created a website to support your classroom studies with Halobacterium: Carolina.com/halobacteria. Archaea (Halobacterium) Kits From 154776 Antibiotics in Action 154770 Introduction to Life in an Extreme Environment 154776 Antibiotics in Action Antibiotics in Action Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some basic training in microbiology. Introduce your students to antibiotics and a technique that tests microbes for antibiotic resistance. Students create a lawn of Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 and determine which antibiotics the microbe is susceptible to by looking for a lack of microbial growth around antibiotic-impregnated disks. Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 is ideal for this application since it can only grow in high-salt conditions that virtually eliminate the possibility of creating antibiotic-resistant microbes pathogenic to humans. Designed for 32 students working in pairs. Kit includes: Antibiotic Disks Halobacterium Agar Liquid Halobacterium Culture Rulers Petri Dishes Blank Disks Cotton Applicator Sticks Forceps Pipets 154776 Per kit $121.95 Introduction to Life in an Extreme Environment Beginning—Easy to perform; requires no experience in microbiology. This kit introduces students to the colorful life of Archaea and helps students learn about microbes and their natural habitat—in this case, the extremely salty areas of the world, such as the Great Salt Lake and Dead Sea. Students culture the extreme halophile (salt-loving) microbe Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 from a safe grain of salt. Developed by Dr. Shil and Priya DasSarma in collaboration with Carolina Biological Supply Company. Designed for 32 students. Kit includes: Halobacterium Liquid Media Pipets Salt Crystals with Halobacterium sp. Microscope Slides NRC-1 Brine Inclusions Coverslips Graduated Cylinder or Bulb Pipet Teacher’s Manual with Masters for Test Tubes with Caps Student Worksheets Needed but not included: Microscopes or Hand Lenses Sterile Forceps 154770 Per kit $65.80 Integrate a safe, simple microbe into your classroom. Archaea (Halobacterium) Cultures & Media Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 Cultures Gram-negative (difficult to stain due to high salt content); motile rods. An aerobic, pink-pigmented halophile; culture at 42° C. (May also be cultured at 37° C.) 154800 Tube Culture (Halobacterium broth) Each $12.25 154801 Plate Culture (Halobacterium agar) Each $14.95 154777 Culture Packet of Brine Salt Inclusions Each $16.00 775950 Halobacterium Agar, 135-mL Bottle Per bottle $9.35 10+ Bottles Each $8.40 821449 Halobacterium Broth, 5-mL Tube Pack of 10 $21.85 10+ Each $19.65
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