Prokaryotes 100% satisfaction guaranteed 47 Living Organisms Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Sets & Kits Cyanobacteria Mixture Five representative cultures in one bottle: Gloeocapsa, Oscillatoria, Anabaena, Fischerella, and Gloeotrichia. Enough material for a class of 30 students. 199980 Per culture $16.60 151515 Cyanobacteria Set Cyanobacteria Set Six individual, representative cultures. Anabaena Eucapsis Fischerella Spirulina Merismopedia Tolypothrix 151515 Per set $50.70 154635 NASA AMES: Grow Your Own Microbial Mat NASA AMES: Grow Your Own Microbial Mat Looking for an activity that demonstrates the sulfur cycle and introduces your students to diverse types of prokaryotes? This kit allows students to observe layers of microbes by growing their own microbial mat. They learn about the biogeochemical sulfur cycle and draw connections between the sulfur cycle and microbial activity in the microbial mats. Students share their individual observations and discoveries with classmates, and gain experience in slide making and microscopy. For a classroom of 30 students working in groups of 3; conducted weekly for 4 weeks. Note: Kit includes prepaid coupon for perishable material. Contact us or return the coupon to request delivery of perishable material. 154635 Per kit $89.55 Cyanobacteria Cultures Each cyanobacteria culture contains enough material for a class of 30 students. For your convenience, we list culture media, optimum growth temperature, and light level. Low light level: 50 to 100 foot-candles of fluorescent light or fluorescent light from the ceiling. 151710 Anabaena 151800 Gloeocapsa 151865 Oscillatoria Organism Description Medium Light Level Temp Catalog No. Each Anabaena Shows heterocysts and akinetes Alga-Gro® Freshwater Low 22° C 151710 $8.70 Eucapsis Cubed colonies Allen’s Low 22° C 151768 $8.70 Fischerella Branching filaments Soil-Water Low 22° C 151770 $8.70 Gloeocapsa Cells in gelatinous sheath Allen’s Low 22° C 151800 $8.70 Gloeotrichia Tapered filaments Alga-Gro® Freshwater Low 22° C 151810 $8.70 Lyngbya Unbranched filaments Alga-Gro® Freshwater Low 22° C 151830 $8.70 Merismopedia Flat-celled sheet Soil-Water Low 22° C 151835 $8.70 Nostoc Contorted filaments Alga-Gro® Freshwater Low 22° C 151845 $8.70 Oscillatoria Long, unbranched filaments Alga-Gro® Freshwater Low 22° C 151865 $8.70 Spirulina major Spiralled trichomes; marine Alga-Gro® Seawater Low 22° C 151900 $8.70 Synechocystis nigrescens Model organism for carbon and nitrogen assimilation Enriched Seawater Media Low 22° C 151910 $8.70 Tolypothrix False branching Soil-Water Low 22° C 151935 $8.70
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