Altay® Human Digestive System About life size. Shows entire digestive tract from mouth to rectum including the liver and pancreas. Features include open dissection of stomach and interior views of small and large intestines. All structures are numbered and referenced on the accompanying key. Size (with base), 92 × 32 cm. Includes a separate head section showing musculature involved in mastication and salivary glands. Size, 15 × 20 cm. 566895B Each $382.40 Models Somso® Human Stomach Life size. Dissectible into 2 parts to show the internal and external anatomy of the human stomach. Includes a numbered key. Size, 19 × 18 × 34 cm. 566896 Each $570.00 3B® Microanatomy of the Digestive System Greatly enlarged. Fine tissue structure of esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine are shown in open histological section. Mounted on a base. Size, 26 × 29 × 18.5 cm. 567460 Each $391.00 Altay® Liver and Gall Bladder with Pancreas and Duodenum About life size. Liver and gall bladder are sectioned sagittally. Pancreas and duodenum are opened to show routing of pancreatic and bile ducts. Spleen, stomach, and jejunum are present for positional reference. Hepatic, mesenteric, and splenic vasculature are well represented. Includes numbered key. Mounted on a durable polymer base. Size (without base), 19 × 14 × 4 cm. 566905A Each $174.30
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