43 Altay® Human Respiratory System Two-part model shows respiratory airway structures from the nasopharynx to the terminal bronchioles of the right lung. Surface view of left lung shows superior and inferior lobes. Highly magnified representation of pulmonary alveoli shows association with terminal bronchioles and capillary bed. Structures are numbered and referenced on the accompanying key. Plaque mounted. Size, 53 × 38 cm. 566915B Each $ 225.50 Altay® Human Respiratory System Life size. Dissectible into 7 parts. Heart (2 parts), larynx (2 parts), and lungs are shown with great attention to detail. A portion of the diaphragm is included. Mounted on a base. Size (without base), 36 × 20 × 12 cm. 566915C Each $ 425.40 Models
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