Prokaryotes 35 Living Organisms 154731 Hand Soap Evaluation Kit 154721 Carolina Microbial Cycling of Nitrogen BioKit Carolina® Microbial Cycling of Nitrogen BioKit® Advanced—For students with moderate experience in microbiology. For a class of 30. The nitrogen cycle involves a series of complex processes, most of which are mediated by soil microbes. Students collect 6 soil samples and conduct biochemical tests for the ammonification, nitrification, and denitrification steps of the nitrogen cycle. Required, but not included, are concentrated sulfuric acid, spot plates, and a balance. The procedures require 3 weeks from setup to completion. With teacher instruction manual, overhead transparency, 30 student guides for part 1, and 30 student guides for part 2. BioKit® includes: 7 Tubes Nitrate Broth Nessler Reagent 7 Tubes Nitrate-Formation Broth Trommsdorf Reagent 7 Tubes Nitrite-Formation Broth Nitratesmo Test Paper Strips 7 Tubes Peptone Broth 6 Specimen Cups 78 Dropping Pipets Autoclave Disposal Bag 154721 Per kit $161.90 Carolina® Winogradsky Column Set Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some basic training in microbiology. A simple means of encouraging and demonstrating the growth of soil microbes such as protozoa, fungi, bacteria, and algae. Interrelationships of these microbes can be observed over a 6-week period. Soil sample must be field collected. The apparatus can be reused. Includes plastic column, solid rubber stopper, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, teacher instructions, and free 1-year access to digital resources that support 3-dimensional instruction. 703490 Per set $18.25 Hand Soap Evaluation Kit Beginning—Easy to perform; requires no experience in microbiology. For a class of 30. Do those antibacterial hand soaps work as well as the advertisements promise? Are they as effective as the old standby soaps in killing the bacteria on our hands? Students collect bacteria from their hands and then test various hand soaps for their effectiveness in killing these bacteria. The exercise requires 3 days from setup to completion. With teacher instructions. Note: The soaps to be tested must be supplied by the instructor. Kit includes: 3 Bottles Nutrient Agar 15 Sterile Petri Dishes 15 Tubes Nutrient Broth 5 Pairs Forceps 15 Alcohol Preps 10 Pkgs Sterile Applicator Sticks 30 Differently Colored Paper Disks Autoclave Disposal Bag 154731 Per kit $76.60 Carolina® Bacterial Examination of Drinking Water Kit Advanced—For students with moderate experience in microbiology. Human sewage is the principle source of pathogens in drinking water. Under natural conditions nearly all water contains microbes. Water may be safe for drinking as long as no pathogens are present. Students perform presumptive, confirmed, and completed tests on drinking water, the same methods used by health departments. Two positive bacterial controls and 3 collected water samples are tested. Requires 3 to 5 days from setup to completion. Note: Order the kit with the perishable materials (all . items) included or with a prepaid coupon to request perishables later at your convenience. Contact us or return the coupon to request delivery of perishable materials. Keep bacteria cultures at room temperature; do not incubate or refrigerate. Refrigerate Levine EMB agar until use; do not freeze. Kit includes: Escherichia coli Broth Culture. Gram-Staining Reagents (25 mL each of Hucker’s Enterobacter aerogenes Broth Culture. ammonium oxalate crystal violet, safranin Bottle Levine Eosin Methylene Blue Agar. counterstain, and Gram iodine) 15 Tubes Lauryl Tryptose Broth 3 Water Collection Tubes 10 Nutrient Agar Slants Metal Inoculating Loop 20 Sterile Petri Dishes 3 Alcohol Preps 7 Serological Pipets (1 mL) Autoclave Disposal Bag Teacher Instructions Needed but not included: 37° C Incubator 154718 Kit (with prepaid coupon) Each $141.80 154718P Kit (with perishables) Each $143.90 Looking for STEM activities that incorporate surface testing and microbes? See the LaMotte® Surface Microbe Hunter™ Activity Kit (item #653599) on page 685. See pages 38–39 for our selection of Glo Germ™ kits and accessories.
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