34 Prokaryotes Living Organisms ph: 800.334.5551 Temperature- Dependent Gene Expression Kit Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some basic training in microbiology. For a class of 32. Students explore the effects of environmental change on the regulation of gene expression. A gene involved in producing a red pigment is turned on (expressed) at room temperature, causing the bacteria to appear red. It is turned off (not expressed) at 37° C, causing the bacteria to appear white. Note: Order the kit with the perishable material included or with a prepaid coupon to request perishable material later at your convenience. Contact us or return the coupon to request delivery of perishable material. Keep bacteria culture at room temperature; do not incubate or refrigerate. 154769 Kit (with prepaid coupon) Each $68.70 154769P Kit (with perishable) Each $68.70 Bacterial Transformation Kit‡ Advanced—For students with moderate experience in microbiology. For a class of 30. Transformation is a form of recombination in which free DNA is released from donor cells, taken up by a recipient’s cells, and incorporated into the recipient’s genome. Students treat streptomycin-resistant bacterial cells with a detergent to lyse the cells, thus releasing the DNA. Then they incubate streptomycin-sensitive bacterial cells in contact with free DNA. The streptomycin-sensitive cells are transformed and can then grow in the presence of streptomycin as streptomycin-resistant cells. Note: Kit contains perishable materials. Before rehydration, each MicroKwik Culture® can be kept at room temperature for 2 months or under refrigeration for 6 months. 154703 Per kit $106.55 Microbial Genetics 154696 Bacterial DNA Extraction E. coli Kit 154769P Temperature-Dependent Gene Expression Kit (with perishable) Environmental Microbiology 154703 Bacterial Transformation Kit Restricted Bacteria ‡Pathogen (Human or Animal). Cannot be shipped to high schools, preparatory schools, or individuals, in accordance with guidelines of the US Department of Health and Human Services. 154719B Rhizobium Inoculum Rhizobium Inoculum A bacteria and soil preparation for mixing with leguminous seed before planting to obtain nodule formation and nitrogen fixation. Works well with clover and alfalfa seed (not included). Shipped as a 6-oz package containing enough inoculum for 50 to 60 lb of seed. For seed, order item #158282 Alfalfa Seed. 154719B Each $22.20 Rhizobium Inoculum with Clover Seed Beginning—Easy to perform; requires no experience in microbiology. For 30 students. Members of the bacterial genus Rhizobium exist in a symbiotic relationship with leguminous plants (peas, clover, and soybeans). The Rhizobium species grow in nodules on the roots of the plants and fix atmospheric nitrogen. This supplies the plant with nitrates and the bacteria with energy and a favorable environment. When legumes are plowed under, significant amounts of nitrates are added to the soil. Students plant clover seeds that have been inoculated with the Rhizobium bacteria. After 5 to 6 weeks, the nodules on the roots can be observed. The exercise requires 5 to 6 weeks from setup to completion. Teacher must supply potting soil and pots. With instructions. 154720 Per set $14.95 154743P Carolina Nitrogen-Fixation Study Kit (with perishable) A science fair favorite Need a complete kit? Visit our website, Carolina.com, to find our Carolina® Nitrogen-Fixation Study Kit (item #154743 or item #154743P). Bacterial DNA Extraction Kits Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some basic training in microbiology. Excellent for all levels of teaching. Demonstrates the DNA extraction process of freeze-dried cells (choose from E. coli or M. luteus). Cell walls are broken with a detergent, and the DNA is extracted onto a spooling rod. The exercise helps students visualize DNA and understand some of its properties. A hot water bath, test tubes, and 70 to 95% alcohol are needed but not supplied. Requires 1 to 2 class periods to complete. Each Kit contains enough materials for a class of 30 students or for 6 separate teacher demonstrations. Each Refill contains the perishable materials needed to rerun the classroom kit. Includes instructions. Note: Once the lysozyme has been activated, it must be used immediately to ensure successful extraction of DNA from the M. luteus. 154696 E. coli Kit Each $106.55 154697 E. coli Refill Each $47.20 154701 M. luteus Kit Each $94.95 154699 M. luteus Refill Each $52.50
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