Preserved Organisms Preserved Organisms Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Cow Eye Cow eye preserved in safe, nontoxic Carolina’s Perfect Solution® and shipped immersed in preservation fluid in a sealed pail. Specimen has no color injection (plain). Prices listed are for 1 specimen. 228903 Each 10+ Each $3.99 $3.45 Snellen Eye Examination Chart High-quality wall chart for use at 20 ft; students can check their visual acuity while they study vision physiology. Instructions included. Pack includes 3 charts. 694611 Pack of 3 $14.25 Student Otoscope Set Durable plastic otoscope features high-intensity illumination; molded optical lens gives clear, amplified macro view of ear canals or nasal passages. Comes with 3 ear specula and 2 nasal Teacher Resources specula. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included). 694738 Per set $106.00 Carolina® Eye Dissection Mat The Carolina® Eye Dissection Mat is specially designed with clear, concise, step-by-step instructions to guide your dissection and aid in your study of the eye. The large, double-sided vinyl mat resists spills and wipes clean easily. Included on the mat are detailed color photographs to help students examine and identify internal and external structures while working with their specimens. Labeled and defined key structures promote a better understanding of the eye. Size, 11 × 17". 229930 Each $7.75 10+ Each $6.80 31
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