3B® Human Ear About 3× life size. Dissectible into 4 parts. Shows external ear canal with removable tympanum, middle ear with auditory ossicles, and dissectible cochlea. Mounted on a base. Size, 34 × 16 × 19 cm. 566966 Each $204.00 Altay® Microstructure of the Human Tongue About 20× life size. Histological features of the tongue are shown, including taste buds, lingual and mucous glands, and fine structure of the musculature. A separate life-sized model of the intact tongue—featuring the palatine and lingual tonsils and the epiglottis—is included. Mounted on a durable polymer base. Includes numbered key. Size, 33 × 23 × 11 cm. 567466 Each $166.10 Altay® Human Nasal Cavity Life size. Depicts a section of the nasal cavity. The sinus cavities are also shown. 566747 Each $100.50 29
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