Carolina® Sense of Hearing Kit Students rotate through 10 activity stations to analyze their own hearing while studying the physiology of human hearing and the physics of sound. Using their classmates as subjects, students perform tests for bone conduction, auditory acuity, and sound localization. For a class of 30 students working in groups of 3. 694742 Per kit $98.00 27“The students in my Anatomy class loved the [Carolina®] Visual Perception Kit. We liked the variety of the activities involved. Students were able to understand what the activities we were checking [are]. I would highly recommend this lab for other classes.” High School Instructor, Tennessee “The students in my Anat the [Carolina®] Vis liked the variety of the activities in udents were able t “The s the [Car liked the variet Students wer Carolina® Visual Perception Kit For a class of 30 students working in small groups. This comprehensive kit enables students to investigate many of the physiological processes involved in human vision. Featured activities include testing for visual acuity, depth perception, peripheral vision, color vision, and astigmatism; positive and negative afterimages; optical illusions; and more. 694527 Per kit $158.95
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