Teacher Resources Teacher Resources Sheep Brain Biosmount™ Biosmount™ preparation. Preserved sheep brain dissected with external and internal views exposed. Two median sagittal sections and 2 transverse sections are firmly secured to a plastic plate and mounted in a clear acrylic container. Container is filled with a safe, propylene glycol solution and sealed. Labeled. Size, 5 × 101/2". 265310 Each $302.00 Carolina® Brain Dissection Mat The Carolina® Brain Dissection Mat is specially designed with clear, concise, step-by-step instructions to guide your dissection and aid in your study of the brain. The large, double-sided vinyl mat resists spills and wipes clean easily. Includes detailed color photographs to help students examine and identify internal and external structures while working with their specimens. 229910 Each $7.75 10+ Each $6.80 offering at Carolina.com. Carolina offers several different types of preserved sheep brains. Choose from specimens with or without the dura mater, injected, in the cranial case, and more. See our full "I have used the [Carolina’s Perfect Solution® preserved] sheep brains the past few years in my Anatomy and Physiology class during our Nervous System Unit. The students definitely get excited and are very engaged with this dissection. . . . It is also helpful to use the Carolina® [Brain] Dissection Mat to go along with the sheep brain dissection. The large, colorful pictures help students with identification.” High School Instructor, Illinois 25
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