Carolina Exclusive • Inquiries in Science 19 Living Organisms 100% satisfaction guaranteed Customer Review “Great instruction materials to prepare myself and students for this inquiry-based kit. It had everything I needed for the class, and the activities were extremely engaging for my high school students. I’m definitely going to buy additional Inquiries in Science® kits for the upcoming semester!” High School Biology Teacher Cell Strand Examining Cellular Transport Kit Students explore the processes of osmosis and diffusion using a semipermeable model of the cell membrane. They examine how concentration, molecular size, surface area, and volume relationships affect these processes. Students further their learning by determining the concentration of an unknown salt solution. 251022 Kit Each $233.25 251070 Refill Each $147.20 Investigating Cell Types Kit Students explore the cell as the basic unit of life. Using a guided-inquiry technique, they first view cells with a microscope (not included). They then study Euglena, Paramecium, and Elodea samples and observe their responses to different environmental conditions. As a final assessment, students design their own experiment to test cellular responses to environmental changes of their choice. Note: Due to some state restrictions, certain organisms may be substituted. 251001 Kit Each $154.55 251051 Kit Refill (with perishable materials) Each $42.60 251075 Kit Refill (with prepaid coupon) Each $42.60 Inquiries in Science®: Cell Biology Lab Package This convenient package contains all 5 Inquiries in Science® cell biology kits. Note: Due to some state restrictions, certain organisms or plants may be substituted. 251101 Per pkg $930.90 Buy the Cell Biology Lab Package and save! 251022 Examining Cellular Transport Kit Visit for more details, needed but not supplied items, and correlations to state standards. Synthesizing Macromolecules Kit Students use molecular models to explore the chemistry of carbon and build the macromolecules found in all living organisms. They conduct basic chemical tests for macromolecules and model the enzymatic digestion of starches and proteins under conditions simulating those found in the stomach and intestines. Students also investigate how specialized proteins known as enzymes can act as catalysts in living organisms to speed up chemical reactions. Finally, students design an investigation to measure how environmental factors influence the rate of hydrogen peroxide decomposition by the enzyme catalase. 251023 Kit Each $181.60 251072 Kit Refill Each $103.55 Cycling Through Mitosis Kit Explore the cell cycle and how a typical body cell divides. Using models, prepared slides, and video, students work in pairs to investigate the phases of the cell cycle. 251003 Kit Each $220.75 251053 Kit Refill Each $84.15 Energizing Cells Kit Grades 9–12. Using aquatic plants, students explore the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration by testing for the presence of carbon dioxide in water. They then apply their knowledge and design an experiment testing factors that might limit or improve the rate of cellular respiration in yeast. Note: Due to some state restrictions, certain organisms or plants may be substituted. 251004 Kit Each $212.65 251054 Kit Refill (with perishable materials) Each $76.40 251077 Kit Refill (with prepaid coupon) Each $76.40 251022 Examining Cellular Transport Kit (in use)
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