ATP Muscle Kit Grade 9–College. This activity is designed for minimal prep time and can be completed in 1 class period. Students observe and measure the contraction of real muscle tissue using the materials included. The kit features glycerinated (preserved) muscle tissue that amazingly retains the ability to contract when ATP and the appropriate ions are added. The glycerinated muscle is processed from striated muscle tissue. Materials are sufficient for 16 to 32 students. FREE 1-year access to digital resources that support 3-dimensional instruction included. Kits 203526 Per kit $129.00 Hand Dynamometer For evaluating the strength of the hand and forearm and the progressive nature of muscular fatigue. Durable, enameled steel dynamometer has adjustable grip span. Measures grip strength up to 100 kg. 696962 Each $287.00 19DISCOVER FREE RESOURCES Designed for Instructors and Lab Managers Quality products can boost student success and make teaching less stressful, but you need more than just the right specimens, models, and kits. You need a partner that understands your challenges. Carolina is ready to help you: Visit to get free supplemental resources designed for high school and college A&P instructors and lab managers. maximizeyour budget save time evaluate student success reduce laborderingstress Our Carolina team is here to help you throughout the year with tips, guidance, and support. Visit to get started. • Instructional Content • Extensive Supply Lists • Budgeting Tips • Lesson Planning Ideas • Advice on Lab Techniques • Some Inspiration for the Tough Times Teacher Resources
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