18 Inquiries in Science • Carolina Exclusive Living Organisms Inquiries in Science® Biology Series Kits • FREE Digital Teacher’s Manual with Kit Purchase CELL Strand 251101 GENETICS Strand 251102 ECOLOGY Strand 251103 EVOLUTION Strand 251104 PHYSIOLOGY Strand 251105 Synthesizing Macromolecules 251023 Discovering Nucleic Acids 251005 Interacting Populations 251019 Simulating the Darwinian Theory 251013 Observing Form and Function 251016 Investigating Cell Types 251001 Comprehending Genetic Inheritance 251020 Exploring the Nitrogen Cycle 251010 Changing Over Time 251014 Behaving Like Animals 251021 Examining Cellular Transport 251022 Understanding Reproduction and Chromosomes 251007 Building Ecological Pyramids 251011 Classifying Across the Kingdoms 251015 Cycling Through Mitosis 251003 Investigating Forensics 251024 Analyzing Population Growth 251420 Energizing Cells 251004 Inquiries in Science®: Complete Biology Series Lab Package Includes kits items #251000 through #251018. 251100 Inquiries in Science® Biology Series Grades 9–12. Inquiries in Science® is our exclusive series of hands-on kits specifically designed to help high school students understand abstract, hard-to-grasp science concepts. The series tracks well with most textbooks, and kit topics reflect state science standards and extensive educator input. Since Inquiries in Science® is modular, you can use the kits individually, as a strand, or as a series to teach biology. The 5E Learning Cycle Field-tested in classrooms nationwide, Inquiries in Science® employs guided inquiry based on the 5E learning cycle of engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate. This inquiry-based approach also promotes STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) practices. It enables students to: • Consider a real-world question or problem • Plan and conduct an investigation and gather data • Understand the science concept by analyzing data and communicating findings • Apply their findings to the original real-world question or problem and master the science concept Inquiries in Science® helps students build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and encourages creativity, collaboration, and teamwork. It creates an environment in which you and your students work together as active learners. Inquiries in Science® Components • Kit—Includes lab supplies (enough for at least 30 students working in groups) plus teacher’s manual. • Kit Refill—Replenishes consumed materials. • Multi-Class Equipment Set—Includes extra lab supplies so you can use the kit in 1 additional class section per day. Note: You’ll also need to order an extra kit refill for each additional class section. For example, to teach the same Inquiries in Science® kit in 3 biology sections on the same day, purchase 1 kit, 2 kit refills, and 2 multi-class equipment sets. • Digital Teacher’s Manual—FREE with kit purchase. Get a FREE digital teacher’s manual with any Inquiries in Science® kit purchase. Display the digital manual on an interactive whiteboard, print it on demand and to your specifications, and make and save notes. The digital manual is accessed through Carolina’s eLearning portal, Carolinascience online.com. Look for an e-mail after purchase with your access code to this valuable resource! E v a l u a t e EXPLAIN EXTEND EXPLORE ENGAGE Real-World Situation Buy the complete package and save! Inquiries in Science®: Complete Biology Series Lab Package This package of all 18 Inquiries in Science® biology kits provides lab activities that help students understand an essential science topic in the area of cell biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, or physiology. Note: Due to some state restrictions, certain organisms or plants may be substituted. 251100 Per pkg $3,305.65
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