New Products 16 ph: 800.334.5551 fax: 800.222.7112 New Products Physical Science 759120 Micro:bot New! Micro:bot Learn about coding and robotics with Micro:bot, a small programmable robot built upon the BBC Micro:bit that uses Microsoft MakeCode® (a block programming language) and Javascript®. Block code offers an excellent introduction to programming, as it uses shape blocks that snap into place. Comes with BBC Micro:bit, 6 LEDs, ultrasonic distance sensor, line tracking sensor, infrared sensor that enables remote control, Bluetooth® module, and activity guide with step-by-step coding activities and instructions. The lessons and Micro:bot- and Micro:bit-based projects align with computer science standards. A computer is needed but not supplied. 759120 Each $134.50 758672 Ampère’s Rule Apparatus 755987 Crazy Circuits Robotics Kit New! Crazy Circuits® Age 10 and up. Crazy Circuits® is a modular electronics system designed for LEGO® bricks. Students are able to create circuits by “wiring” Crazy Circuits® parts using conductive tape for LEGO® projects or conductive thread for sewing projects. The 22-piece Starter Set introduces Crazy Circuits® parts as you create electronics projects in minutes. The 33-piece Robotics Kit, which uses Arduino®-compatible microcontrollers, lets you learn the fundamentals of programming. The 48-piece Deluxe Set turns any conductive material into an interactive surface. Visit for complete lists of set and kit materials. Find free project guides and educational resources at the manufacturer’s website or come up with your own. Each set or kit covers topics such as circuitry, logic, sewable technology, art, and design. Crazy Circuits® materials require no soldering or preparation, are compatible with LEGO® and similar brick building systems, and work right out of the box. /!. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD—Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. 755980 Starter Set Each $50.00 755987 Robotics Kit Each $150.00 755988 Deluxe Set Each $200.00 New! Ampère’s Rule Apparatus Grades 9–12. With this apparatus, students can observe the magnetic field generated around current flowing in a wire, learn about the right-hand rule, and characterize how magnetic fields vary with distance. Students can also study magnetic fields created by a current in planes perpendicular and parallel to a wire. Includes a manual, one 45-mm compass, and six 16-mm compasses. Size, about 17.5 × 7.5 × 10 cm. Requires a regulated DC power supply and banana/alligator cords (not included). 758672 Each $19.50
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