New Products 100% satisfaction guaranteed valuable teacher resources: 15 New Products From 399471 Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model Fetal Pig Classroom Set (left) and from 399406 Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model Earthworm Classroom Set (above), both in use New! Scienstructable 3D Dissection Models with Vinyl Manipulative and Digital Classroom Sets Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model® materials by Getting Nerdy® are a perfect way to get EVERY student engaged in dissection. With these classroom sets you get the digital resources for the paper version of the specified model with supporting content, plus a larger-than-life, full-color vinyl model with assembly instructions. Students assemble the paper model that can be used as a dissection-free exploration or as a pre-dissection or summative assessment tool, while the large, colorful vinyl model is displayed as a demonstration specimen or manipulative that mirrors the digital student version. The digital resources, accessed at, provide an editable PowerPoint® presentation about the specimen with bell work activities, instructions, notes, and embedded answer keys; and non-editable PDF handouts including a guided reading about the function and location of each structure within the organism, differentiated graphic organizers, student dissection templates in black line and color, and extension questions. Each license for the digital resources is for one teacher. Visit for individual descriptions. 399406 Earthworm Classroom Set Each $75.00 399451 Frog Classroom Set Each $100.00 399471 Fetal Pig Classroom Set Each $150.00 399476 Cat Classroom Set Each $185.00 399481 Eye Classroom Set Each $75.00 Plastinated Specimens Plastination gives these specimens durability, allowing them to be handled regularly without the risk of damage. Use them as supplements to actual hands-on dissection labs, to prepare students for what they will see during the dissection, and/or for assessment once the dissection is complete. Plastinated specimens require no special storage. However, they should be handled with care and covered when not in use to reduce dust accumulation. 266000 Plastinated Whole Sheep Brain (front and back views) New! Plastinated Whole Sheep Brain Explore the external anatomy of the mammalian brain using this nondissected, plastinated real sheep brain. Examine the anatomical structure of the cerebrum, cerebellum, and spinal cord. Pituitary gland and optic chiasma are not shown. Approximate length, 31/2". 266000 Each $295.00 266010 Plastinated Dissected Pig Heart (front and back views) New! Plastinated Dissected Pig Heart Plastinated real pig heart sectioned longitudinally to reveal all 4 chambers of the typical mammalian heart. Explore the heart’s valves, musculature, and other important anatomical structures. Right and left halves of the heart are connected. Approximate size of each cross section, 41/2 × 3". 266010 Each $328.00 266100 Plastinated Male Cat New! Plastinated Cats Use these skillfully dissected, double-injected plastinated real cats over and over again in your anatomy lab. Their ventral anatomy has been expertly dissected, revealing the anatomy of the neck, thoracic organs, abdominal organs, along with some musculature of the upper forelimbs and upper hindlimbs. Plastinated cats are initially preserved, double injected (red arteries, blue veins), and then plastinated. Plastination (silicone rubber) may appear as white flakes or crystals in the fur. Specimens require no special storage. However, to reduce dust accumulation, we recommend covering them when not in use. Approximate length, 14 to 18". 266100 Male Specimen Each $1,450.00 266102 Female Specimen Each $1,450.00
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