3B® Human Rod-Supported Skeleton Plastic. Articulated to show normal posture, it features removable extremities and a detachable skull with a cut calvarium. This human skeleton model has 32 teeth with a spring-held lower jaw. It’s mounted using a metal rod extending from the sacrum and includes a plastic dust cover, a Human Anatomy Manual, and a quadropod base and casters. 246875 Each $484.00 Somso® Human Bone Greatly enlarged. Cross and longitudinal sections of the compact portion of a long bone. Size, 39 × 26 × 28 cm H. On green base. 567375 Each $870.00 Altay® Human Bone Structures Plastic. Students can learn the major structures of human bone with this quality model. It shows the femur’s external and internal structures, including the periosteum, blood vessels, spongy bone, compact bone, and Haversian system. Mounted on a base; size, 20 × 15". Includes a key to identify each numbered structure. 247822 Each $215.30
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