Attention Mailroom: If addressee has left, please forward to Science Materials Buyer. Help us keep our mailing list up to date. To make changes, please visit and update your preferences. You’ll need this catalog for reference. Take On the NGSS with Confidence We built Carolina Kits 3D® labs from the ground up to support your NGSS instruction, so you can manage threedimensional learning in your classroom with confidence. • Every kit starts with phenomena, integrates the dimensions, and generates proof of learning. • How do you know you’re addressing the standards? Turn to the teacher’s manual. It identifies the specific dimensions you’re meeting. • Plus, we’ve made prep easy. Each kit contains the materials you need—and supporting resources. See how easily you can be effective with Carolina Kits 3D® labs. Shop the kits here and online. Carolina Biological PRSRT BOUND PRINTED MATTER Supply Company U.S. POSTAGE PAID 2700 York Road CAROLINABurlington NC 27215 BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY USA Back Cover_Cat90.indd 1 11/24/20 8:54 AM
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