50 Urinary System The function of the urinary system is to maintain proper fluid balance inside the body. The kidneys intertwine with arteries and veins to filter various waste products, such as salts and proteins, from the bloodstream. A kidney dissection, urinalysis lab, and simulated blood filtration lab are great ways to engage students. In addition, Carolina offers models and prepared slides that allow students to investigate the anatomy of the urinary system. Carolina® Human Kidney Life size. This 2-piece model represents the right human kidney and adrenal gland. The anterior portion is removable to reveal the internal structures of the kidney. The renal artery and vein are shown, as well as the proximal end of the ureter. Laminated key included. Mounted on blue base. Size, 19.5 × 11.5 × 11.5 cm. 569460 E ach $ 193.80 Models
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