42 Respiratory System The respiratory system—comprising lungs, conducting airways, and the diaphragm—is responsible for gas exchange in the body. Lung dissections and models help students understand the structure of the respiratory system. Investigations of the breathing mechanism help students explain the biomechanics and biochemistry of the process. Carolina has the materials you need to support learning. Portable Dry Spirometer Easily demonstrate and measure lung function in your classroom with this accurate, handheld, dry gas meter. It measures vital capacity, tidal volume, and expiratory reserve volume. Students can then calculate inspiratory reserve volume and inspiratory capacity from these values. The gauge is calibrated to 7 L in 100-cc increments. Includes 50 reusable mouthpieces, 7/16" ID. 692670 E ach $250.00 692671 Pack of 100 $31.95 Meter
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