Cardiovascular System Cardiovascular System Use models, preserved specimens, and kits to increase student understanding of the cardiovascular system. Students study the anatomy of the heart, observe agglutination reactions in blood typing, explore blood components, and identify different cardiovascular and blood pathologies with Carolina materials. 34"Great quality hearts. The convenient pail allows our institution to buy in bulk and store remaining specimen[s] between semesters. The specimen[s] stay fresh, and clean-up is incredibly easy. Carolina has fantastic specimen[s], which augment instruction for any A&P or biology course." - College Lab Manager, Georgia eat qualit allows our instit emaining specimen[s] between semes specimen[s] sta easy. Carolina has f allows our ins remaining specimen[s] between semes specimen[s] s eas Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Sheep Heart Sheep heart preserved in safe, nontoxic Carolina’s Perfect Solution® and shipped immersed in preservation fluid in a sealed pail. Specimen has no color injection (plain). Prices listed are for 1 specimen. 228773 Each $8.55 10+ Each $7.55 Preserved Organisms
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