10 Altay® Human Muscular Skeleton Plastic. Get a good-quality skeleton at a good price. This replica of a life-size human skeleton shows all parts in detail. The main joints are articulated; the upper and lower limbs are easily removable. Detachable parts include the skull, cranium, jaw, arms, and legs. On the left side of the skeleton, the points of origin (red) and the points of insertion (blue) of the muscles are shown. Includes hang-up stand and the Human Anatomy Manual. 246885 E ach $ 801.60 Skeletal System Study the key functions of the skeleton, bone tissue, and cartilage while examining the biomechanics of joints with models, kits, and microscope slides. Students can work with life-size skeletal models to record comparative bone data; to simulate flexion and extension; and to understand the relationship among tendons, ligaments, and bones. 3B® Disarticulated Human Skeleton with Storage Case Plastic. Life-size, disarticulated full human skeleton consisting of 53 durable plastic pieces. One hand and foot are articulated on wire, while the other pair is loosely articulated on nylon filament. The vertebral column is also strung on nylon filament. Includes a black plastic storage case (item #249890A) with carrying handle and snap fasteners. 246777 Each $659.00 Skeletons
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